Building a Heavy Duty Reflector Oven, Part 1

Reflector Oven Plans

DIY Reflector Oven Baking a Homemade Pizza (In the Snow)

I’m going to do this in small bites so it’s not overwhelming (for you or for me). I’ve developed this design to be VERY forgiving so this would even be a good project for cub scouts.

I’ll also include a complete parts list at the end of the articles so you can get everything at once if you like.

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This project is built mainly from two 3 Piece Cookie Pan Sets.

Take the Medium sized baking sheet from each package and using a straight edge and something like a Sharpie, mark a line across 1 end flange (that’s the short side) on each, about even with the corners. These will become the Left and Right sides of the Reflector Oven.

Reflector Oven Plans

Marking the first bend locations.

Using a pair of Lineman Pliers, slowly work your way along the line you just made, bending the flange upwards on both baking sheets. I used these pliers because they have a wider jaw.

Reflector Oven

This is the direction all of the flanges will be bent.

These will become the feet that the reflector oven stand on.

Next, take both Large baking sheets and repeat this process.

However, on these Large baking sheets, you’re going to bend both end flanges up.

Medium baking sheets, bend one end flange up.

Large baking sheets, bend both end flanges up.

Preliminary Assembly of the Reflector Oven

This is how the sides and bottom will be assembled later. Look closely and you can see both flanges bent up on the lower reflector.

In the next step, I’ll move on to laying out and drilling the holes for the bolts.

In the meantime, follow the links and start procuring your supplies.

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