Hello world!

Let me begin by saying that I do not consider myself a “Prepper” or “Survivalist”.

If I was such a person, I still would not have been prepared for TEOTWAIKI.

That world ended in December of 2008 when I was fired, along with about 50 of my co-workers. I had spent the previous 20 years working in both the manufacturing and engineering sides of the American auto industry.

I was very good at my job.

The world I knew was one where being conscientious and hard working was all I needed to be in order to get by. That world ended without any warning because I found myself out of a job when the ass-kissers and office politicians were kept working.

In 2004, after giving birth to our son, my wife, who had graduated with honors from one of the top law schools in the country and whose work was always above average, was told that she wasn’t a “good fit” at the law firm she hired into. She had suffered under the same misconceptions I had about your actual work being what you were judged on.

We struggled for 6 years to get by on the income we could scrounge and, after depleting pension and 401k accounts, we lost our home in 2012.

We (by now “we” included me, my wife, our son, daughter and 3 dogs) moved 9 times in the course of 16 months.

July and August of 2013 were spent in a double room at an extended stay hotel while we waited for (at best, inept and at worst, criminal) people to close 2 separate house deals that never did close. We’re also still out the $2,000 we had provided as down payment.

While we never lived beyond our means (our house was modest and very affordable when we bought it) we’ve learned to get by on a lot less.

This Blog will attempt to pass on some of the lessons we’ve learned.

In the interest of full disclosure, there will be affiliate links in the articles posted here.

We hope to supplement our income with advertising fees.

The vast majority of products we list have either been used by us or they are the closest product that compares to what we have used in the past.

Sorry, no Doomsday, Gloomsday or New World Order conspiracy theories. Other people can cover those better than me.