Update to Gravity Feed Water Filter Hack

The Gravity Feed Water Filter Hack article was written when the Aquamira Frontier Pro Water Filter was kind of cutting edge.

It simply isn’t true any more.

The Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System is, hands down, a much better replacement for the Frontier Pro.

The Sawyer Mini is a smaller, drop in substitute for the Frontier Pro in the Gravity Feed system I originally wrote about.

In addition, the Sawyer Mini is “backflushable almost indefinately” and there are no cartridges to replace. That means this one filter, cared for properly, will last you a lifetime.

I’ve seen a lot of people selling the LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
and there are even Chinese knock-offs available now.

The Sawyer Mini costs about the same, is smaller and filters more water than the Lifestraw.

And the Lifestraw DOES NOT lend itself to being used as a gravity, i.e. hands-free, filter.

I have one of these filters for each member of my family and I’ve begun using one of the Frontier Pro filters to filter “artisan crafted spirits”.

As the saying goes, “Two is one, one is none.”

The BlindSquirl